HYB released MRT Premium Toner series for European Market
HYB released MRT Premium Toner series for European Market
Since 2018, HYB developed their exclusive toner formula TG-46 with their partner in Japan. The toner has been preferences of many customers with its consistency in Quality, outstanding performance in density and compatibility for seamless replacement for genuine toners. In the market it was called “Ultimate Dark” and customers use this toner to fulfill demand of higher quality in Kyocera printers from the market.

In 2019, the TG-48 and TG-68 toner formula were released in Japan and the applications have extended the application to several medium high speed of ECOSYS printers and TASKalfa machines.

Recently, HYB launched their MRT products series filled with TG-48 and TG-68 toners for various replacement Kyocera toner cartridges to supply their customers in Europe.

In the professional laboratories, the HYB technical professionals have implemented the in-depth study and comparison based on different tests. HYB disclosed the data which they believed to enable the customers to understand how the MRT exclusive toners stand out of the aftermarket and perform as the O.E.M products.

HYB has carried out the testing of MRT-48(TG-48 ) and MRT-68 (TG-68 ) in TK-3190 toner kit with the OEM toner and another aftermarket formula in the Kyocera ECOSYS P3060DN machines. Except for the O.E.M toner, 3 aftermarket toner formulas have gone through testing for over 20K pages respectively with a purpose of evaluation on compatibility, reverse-compatibility with the O.E.M. toner, density, observation of print defects, waste toner rate etc.

The result shows the a) MRT-68 (TG-68 ) has stable quality and best performance (the one performs extremely similar when compared with the O.E.M. toner) among the 3 aftermarket toners. During 10K-15K it produced similar print-out with less waste toner than the O.E.M. b) MRT-48 ‘s density is between 1.32-1.34, which is averagely 0.02 less than the O.E.M. toner with consistently lower accumulation of waste toner. C) The rival’s toner is lighter in density and with a lower transfer rate in print-out compared with MRT-48 (TG-48 ) and MRT-68 (TG-68 ) toner.

The manufacturing partner of HYB implemented strict control on quality and output of their production, to assure their products are manufactured under HYB’s requirement. As the premium formulas targeted to high-end users and dealers, MRT-48’s (TG-48 ) particle size is controlled to be approx. 8.10 μm and MRT-68 (TG-68 ) is controlled to be less than 7.80 μm (Almost the same as the OEM toner). According to the research done with most of the compatible cartridges, the particle size of the price-oriented toner is between 11.0-12.8 μm. The price-oriented toner has consequently caused higher risk of quality issues. Nowadays, there are already importers in different markets complained about quality issues such as backgrounds, wave in the print-out and fusing issues from the price-oriented toner. In some worse cases, customers reported to replace their DK units much earlier than when they used the O.E.M toner.

HYB and their Japanese partner developed their toner with a targeted market where customers get products with good value in premium range. HYB distributors in Spain, Italy and Lithuania will offer available inventory for MRT series for Kyocera toner from June 2021.