HYB New Technology applied to Compatible Ricoh PCR
HYB New Technology applied to Compatible Ricoh PCR
Recently, HYB has released their new Primary Charge Rollers for Photoconductor Units of Ricoh color Copiers, which were produced with their most advanced non-contact charging technology. The revolutionary application of this technology has dramatically increased the life of PCR and according to the bench testing; the product stands out of the Aftermarket under same conditions.

The common headache for most of the remanufacturers who are rebuilding Ricoh Photoconductor Units for MPC series is that life time of PCR can’t meet their requirement and it caused higher frequency of replacement and cost. Especially for medium-high speed machines like Ricoh MP C5503/6003.Even when remanufacturers found used O.E.M. PCR for these models, most of the cases they already went through tough working load of Ionization. When they used long life OPC Drum to rebuild, the PCR will still limit the performance of the complete units.  
To perform the maximum result of the PCR, we must firstly assure good quality toner to be used as this is one of the key factors that affect life time of the PCR. With this premise and according to HYB’s testing, we have completed 400K pages with O.E.M. PCR when it worked with O.E.M. Drum and HYB toner. New HYB PCR performs 255K of yield while rest of the Aftermarket PCRs performed 80-90K under the same testing conditions.

The new PCR HYB released covers machine model range of
Ricoh MP C3003/MP C3503/MP C4503/ MP C5503
Lanier MP C3003/ MP C3503/MP C4503/MP C5503
Savin MP C3003/MP C3503/ MP C4503/MP C5503
The HYB R & D forecasts that the whole series of PCRs for use in Ricoh color machines will be released soon and please stay tune for HYB News Release.